Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hello beautiful people!

Thanks for coming to visit my first blog on the new site! I thought I'd start off nice and fun and light-hearted with a Mother's Day gift guide. You can all thank me later for the amazing tips you're about to read.. 

Just quickly, a little disclaimer. I don't want this to come across as insensitive and I know some of you will just be sending a nice text or card, which is absolutely beautiful. If you will be purchasing a gift this year, I want to encourage you to shop small business. I can promise you, every single time a purchase is made from a small business, a little happy dance is done. And the best thing about the businesses I'm going to tell you about is that all payments can be done online and they will deliver the gifts for you. How wonderful!


I'm going to start with my personal favourite and also my Mum's. An ice cream cake, in the shape of a love heart from Terrigal Ice-Creamery. Dave has the best salted caramel I've ever tasted, like ever, and don't forget to add some flakes. If you don't win child of the year for this, I'll question your Mum's taste in food. And the best part is, this is one of those double ended presents. You get to indulge too, Mum's always teach their kids that sharing is caring.. 

Price: $55 + delivery (pick up available)
Instagram: @terrigal_icecreamery
Facebook: Terrigal Ice Creamery

Phone: 43845644


If ice cream isn't your Mum's favourite (I'm trying not to judge), then I'm sure flowers will be. The Petal Sisters are a local small business who started off selling flowers out of the boot of their car! This creative duo of Bree and Hollie are one of my favourite small business stories. They offer a range of bunches to suit your budget, all of which are equally as beautiful. All this extra indoor time is the perfect excuse to buy some flowers to pretty the house up a little! 

Price: Starting at $55
Instagram: @the_petalsisters



I don't know anyone who doesn't love some self care but I do know a lot of people who don't treat themselves to it enough, especially our Mum's. Beautiful Daze Beauty Therapy is a small business from Long Jetty who provide the most wonderful facials, and unfortunately at the moment are obviously unable to operate. Sophie isn't going to let that stop you from really treating your Mum and is offering at home facial kits. There are two options, The Essential Facial or The Instant Facial Glow. Both of which are magical and come with all the steps you need. This is guaranteed to give your Mum the self care and love she deserves.

Price: Starting at $29

Instagram: @beautifuldazebeauty
Phone: 0432274554


If you're someone who likes a bit of variety and loves all the pretty things, then have a look at La Boheme. This little lifestyle store in Terrigal is dreamy, romantic and full of all the most beautiful things. Steph and her amazing staff can help you choose the perfect present for your Mum, anything from homewares and divine ceramics to clothing and beautiful pieces of jewellery. If your Mum would just love it all (I certainly do) they also have gift vouchers available! 

Instagram: @laboheme_lifestyle


And of course, I guess I have to give myself a little wrap. I'm sure you've all seen by now I have a special limited addition Mother's Day print available. I got some help over on my Instagram and thought of all the wonderful things that my Mum means to me and scribbled them all down. It's the perfect gift to send to your Mum to make her feel extra special and remind her of how much she means. Of course, all my other prints are also available. And, I now finally have gift vouchers! So, if making the choice is too hard, purchase one of these and throw the responsibility right over to your Mum! 

That's it from me, I hope this little gift guide has helped! I hope you're all doing okay during this tough time and know that I'm always here if anyone ever needs a chat. Stay grateful beautiful humans, this will pass. Sending all my love xx